“Powerhouse vocals, dynamic arrangements and punchy rhythms that groove.”

Hailing from Berkshire County, Massachusetts, Sample the Cat is a 4-piece soulful rock group storming the region’s rock scene. The band fuses elements of rock, soul, blues, and funk into an energetic yet smooth sound for their original music that grooves with a serious head bop factor. Years in the making, the group includes singer Kendrah Bellevue with her soulfully enriching vocals, Steve Dalton with his masterful melodic arrangements on guitar, Bryan “Dizzy Fingers” Brophy with his colorful layers on keys, and Olivia Davis with her punchy groove on drums. The crew’s upcoming debut album will showcase a colorful collection of rock out tunes, smooth grooves, and heartfelt serenades after years of stewing in the arrangement and production phase. While the new album is coming soon, follow the band on your favorite streaming platform to get notified when the next single drops. You can find Sample the Cat playing live from the eastern and western borders of Massachusetts to New York, and beyond! Join the mailing list so you never miss a beat!

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