UNRELEASED Single – Blood On My Hands – Performed Live at the Westside Block Party

This is a live version of our unreleased single called Blood On My Hands performed at the July 3rd Westside Block Party.

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Drunk in the middle of the week
So please please please please bartender
Give me another drink.

I’ve got a lot on my mind
My love has finally crossed the line this time
And Mr Bartender
So did I.

Give me two bullets on the rocks
To make up for those missing from my glock
Then shots of 151
Make em sting like they came from my gun
Cuz Mr Bartender
You wouldn’t believe
What I’ve Done

You see
I was on my way home
Thought I’d find my baby there alone
Ohh but what did I see?
The type of things that make a woman get mean
And Mr Bartender
What would you do if you were me?

So pour some out for the dead
And for the two bodies in my bed
This wasn’t part of my plan
Can’t choose how love starts
Can’t shoose how it ends
And now
Mr Bartender
I got blood on my hands

I said
Mr Bartender
I’ve got Blood On My Hands

Copyright music and lyrics Sample The Cat 2021
all rights reserved.




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